In the second medium-term programme The European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL) was produced by a team of six authors. The EPOSTL is a document intended for students undergoing their initial teacher education which encourages them to reflect on the didactic knowledge and skills necessary to teach languages, helps them to assess their own didactic competences and enables them to monitor their progress and to record their experiences of teaching during the course of their teacher education. In the third medium-term programme a follow-up project, which will follow a modular structure, will focus on four principle areas: building up a network structure for dissemination; structured piloting of the EPOSTL in teacher-education institutes; compilation of case studies of how the EPOSTL can be implemented; modes of using the EPOSTL for curriculum development in teacher education. In addition, activities held in connection with the EPOSTL will be monitored and documented.

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