EPOSTL Conference 18 –  19 February, 2014

Crossing continents: EPOSTL around the world

From 18 – 19 February, 2014 the conference Crossing continents: EPOSTL around the world took place at the ECML. It was attended by 50 participants from 18 different countries and three continents. Amongst the participants were 15 members of the Japanese Association of College English Teachers (JACET), for whom a special workshop had taken place on the previous day. The conference was sponsored by the Austrian Association of the ECML and the Austrian Association of Language Didactics (ÖGSD). more
The aims of the conference were to take stock on how EPOSTL is used in teacher education, to consider advantages and challenges in its implementation; to present research into the EPOSTL; to discuss the impact of the EPOSTL on teacher education programmes and more specifically on student teachers; to consider the EPOSTL in relation to other projects and instruments. In addition, the question was addresses as to whether EPOSTL does in fact ‘cross continents’; i.e. whether it can be used successfully in the wide range of teaching and learning cultures represented by conference participants. close

Place: European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), Nikolaiplatz 4, 8010 Graz, Austria

Organisers: European Centre for Modern Languages, Austrian Association: European Centre for Modern Languages 

Coordinator: David Newby (co-author of the EPOSTL)

Topics of conference
  1. Exchange of information about using the EPOSTL (pre-service, teaching practice, in-service teacher development)
  2. Presentation of EPOSTL-related publications
  3. Research on EPOSTL (articles, dissertations etc.)
  4. Feedback on the EPOSTL from students
  5. Innovative uses of the EPOSTL 
  6. Extending the scope of the EPOSTL 

In addition, the results of the ACTFL/ECML project ‘ACTOSTL’ were presented. Results of this project will be available shortly.

Crossing continents - Conference Programme – Topics 


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