EPOSTL publications

The following two publications are available:

European Portfolio for
Student Teachers of Languages

Using the European Portfolio for
Student Teachers of Languages

The European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL) is a document intended for students undergoing their initial teacher education which encourages them to reflect on the didactic knowledge and skills necessary to teach languages, helps them to assess their own didactic competences and enables them to monitor their progress and to record their experiences of teaching during the course of their teacher education.

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  Available in English, French, German, 
 Arabic, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish

Complementing the ECML publication European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (see left) a set of tools is available to facilitate the implementation of the EPOSTL in teacher education.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The EPOSTL in brief
  3. Issues in using the EPOSTL
    David Newby
  4. Challenges of integrating the EPOSTL into pre-service teacher training
    Natalia Orlova
  5. Implementing the EPOSTL in the early phase of pre-service EFL teacher education
    Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher
  6. The EPOSTL as a tool for reflection in three contexts of language teacher education
    Anne-Brit Fenner
  7. The use of the Personal Statement
    Kaarina Mäkinen
  8. What goes into the EPOSTL Dossier and why?
    Cecilia Nihlén
  9. The EPOSTL in Iceland: getting the mentors on board
    Hafdís Ingvarsdóttir
  10. The role of the EPOSTL in the evaluation and development of teacher education programmes in Croatia
    Vesna Bagarić
  11. The use of the EPOSTL in a bilateral teacher-education programme
    Barry Jones
  12. References
  13. About the authors
  14. Strategies for introducing the EPOSTL


The publication assists teacher educators in piloting the EPOSTL and encourages relevant research and networking. It promotes and facilitates the use of the EPOSTL.

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Additional documents

Additional documents to aid with the implementation of the EPOSTL are available under resources.


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