Barry Lee Jones

 Barry Lee Jones
Surname                                 Jones

First names                             Barry Lee     

Address for correspondence       E-mail  
Nationality                              British
Affiliation with educational networks
Council of Europe, Strasbourg representative and team member of original EPOSTL project
Presidency 2004 - 2006 of the Association for Language Learning, UK
Principal Lecturer (retired), Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Work information

Occupation or position currently held

Lecturer in Education; Modern Foreign Languages (formerly full time now part time)


University of Cambridge   Faculty of Education

Country of employment

Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
 30 + years' experience of training Modern Foreign Language trainee teachers for the UK PGCE Secondary, Middle School and Primary MFL teaching qualifications, as well for a double diplôme PGCE / Maîtrise Fran√çais Langue Etrangère qualification. Currrently in the third year of organising and running a bilateral France / UK MFL teacher training programme. Also extensive experience of working with MFL teachers in UK, other European countries and Australia
Languages of communication

Mother tongue


Other languages

French, German
Contribution to the project
Author of EPOSTL. Responsilbility for case studies.


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